Working as a photographer

The aim of Community Photography is to participate as a volunteer to support other volunteer,community and Not for Profit (NFP) organisations. In supporting other volunteers, the photographer is rewarded with varied opportunities to use and expand their photographic skills to the benefit of the photographer and others. This is an unpaid volunteer position and photographers pay their own costs such as transport etc. We only request cost recovery from the client where prints or other production costs are involved.

Make an contribution in your community by bringing your professional skills and expertise to nonprofits and community organisations. Volunteer Photography makes it easy for you to contribute make a difference.

This position would ideally suit:

  • A student / start up photographer looking to build their portfolio/experience
  • An experienced photographer looking for a volunteering opportunity

Primary Tasks

Provide professional grade images of:

  • Award ceremonies
  • Fund raising events
  • Conferences
  • Visits by dignities and officials
  • New facilities
  • Volunteers at work

Skill levels required

  • Seek photo opportunities with NFP organisations
  • FTP of images for uploading into galleries
  • Good photography skills – skilled enthusiast to professional
  • Experience photographing events such as award ceremonies, portraits, action.
  • Produce images suitable for promotional materials
  • Confidence, ability, and experience with groups.
  • Ability to work alone
  • Basic computer skills, including file transfers
  • Must provide a portfolio that demonstrates comfort with a range of subjects and styles
  • Ability to take direction where necessary, particularly when working with vulnerable young people
  • Well-developed customer service and problem solving skills
  • Exercise judgment and work without supervision
  • A friendly and approachable manner
  • Be eligible for a Working with Children Check

Photography activity is available according to local demand and needs and requirements of clients

Taking Part in Community Photography

Volunteer photographers work independently as part of the Community Photography organisation. As such photographers are responsible for establishing your own contacts and dealing directly with them.

Currently Community Photography is based in Sydney. Your images are sent to Sydney  for uploading on the Community Photography website. Your gallery images will be credited to you.

As part of Community Photography you are required to follow the aims and philosophy  of the Community Photography organisation.

Benefits to be gained

Share experiences with fellow volunteers
Experience an interesting variety of work
Widen your skills base
Professionals may promote themselves


Community Photography recognises and respects copyright held material and photographers will retain full copyright to, and ownership of, their submitted photography. Clients and Community Photography have rights to use images for their own promotional purposes.

How to apply for a photographer position

Please email a summary of your experience including a selection of your work