We photograph:

  • Award ceremonies
  • Fund raising events
  • Visits by dignities and officials
  • Organisational milestones
  • Contributions for your image bank


  • New facilities
  • Your volunteers at work
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Media calls and events
  • Media release images
We provide high quality images for your organisation and fun mementos for your volunteers.

Why Community Photography

Community Photography specialises in photographing community and Not for Profit sector events, such as conferences, award ceremonies, golf days, rallies and visiting dignitaries and celebrities. We provide support for Not For Profits, Charities, Community and volunteers..

We can provide the required image formats for the print media to assist with your publicity efforts.

We photograph for now and for future generations.

Image Delivery

Images are provided for easy download from our website.

Image size is 800 pixels on the longest edge. Larger sizes on request

Organisations can be provided with a password to access the images.

Images are normally available within 48 hours.


Taking photos and providing digital copies is our free service.

Fund Raising

Your organisation can benefit from the sale of prints or image downloads. Please contact us to discuss an arrangement to suit your fundraising activities. The sale of images is only with mutual agreement.


Copyright for images is retained by Community Photography. Community organisations are conditionally free to use images within their own organisation, see below, and individual volunteers have unlimited personal use.

When used by an organisation, the photographer must be credited. An organisation may use images in their social media promotion on the explicite condition that Community Phtotography or any of its photographers are NOT credited or acknowledged.

How to Book

Please email us with your details: email here

Please give dates and location.

Privacy Policy

We can provide password protection of your event images and this can be requested at any time. Should you wish an image to be removed, please e-mail stating your name, the event and image number.


Images are available for twelve months from the date they were taken. Retrieval after this date cannot be guaranteed.

What drives us

Providing help through community contribution is our only priority. Our diverse work enables us to provide specialised volunteer support to a wide variety of organisations. Operational costs including image production and this website are covered by our personal contributions.

Working as a Photographer

Information on joining our organisation is available here