Volunteer Photography

Change of Name

Now in our eleventh year its time to move on and change our name.

When we started ten years ago our initial goal was to photograph volunteers at work. My involvement with volunteer organisations gave me the idea that volunteers need recognition with images that could be shared with their peers or family. Whilst this is still true, it has become apparent that our clients should be the community organisations that have volunteers as an integral part of their operation.

Our name has also led to some confusion in the role our photographers perform and the service we deliver to our clients. The organisation has always strived to create photographic deliverables that meet the high professional standards that are required in the competitive NFP space.

Originally the description ‘Volunteer’ referred to our photographic subjects. It was never intended to describe our working photographers. In fact, some of our photographers have had years of professional experience. We have always prided ourselves on being able to provide professional quality to our valued clients.

Starting immediately our name will change from Volunteer to Community Photography. As always we will deliver professional grade work to all our clients.

In ten years we have worked with hundreds of clients and completed around one thousand shoots for community and NFP organisations. Over one hundred thousand images have been delivered in client galleries. We have and will always value the working relationships that have developed and are proud our images have been frequently used in media, as large prints for advertising and photographic exhibitions including Parliament House.

As Community Photography we look forward to continuing our contribution to our many clients and their volunteers that are indispensable in the community which we all share.

Michael Mannington OAM

Founder Community Photography (formally Volunteer Photography)
30 January 2019