How long are images available?2019-04-22T11:46:55+11:00

The retention time for images in 12 months. However, most galleries may be available for a longer period but retention is not guaranteed.

Image Delivery2019-04-24T00:46:18+11:00

Images are provided for easy download from our website.

Image size is 800 0r 1322 pixels on the longest edge. Larger sizes on request

Organisations can be provided with a password to access the images.

Images are normally available within 48 hours.

Image Privacy Policy2019-05-09T04:48:07+11:00

We can provide password protection of your event images and this can be requested at any time. Should you wish an image to be removed, please e-mail stating your name, the event and image number.

Images are not posted to Social Media unless by special arrangement with the event organiser.

Print images2019-04-24T00:49:02+11:00

Gallery images are suitable for screen displays.

Images with the suitable resolutions for prints are available on request.

Please specify the print size required.

Social Media2019-04-24T01:00:05+11:00

Community Photography does not post to any social media.

We can however, supply suitable social media images to our clients.

What does Community Photography charge?2019-04-20T11:38:31+11:00

All our photography is pro bono. Our work is our contribution to the community.

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